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Cartagena Travel Guide

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Cartagena Flag This is the "oblong" (flag) of Cartagena and has red, yellow and green three concentric quadrilaterals of colors of out toward inside. The green quadrilateral has a white star of eight tips in its center. This flag was adopted after Cartagena of Indies was declared independent of the Sovereign State of Spain in 1811.


Suenen trompas en honor
De la noble en inclita Ciudad
que por patria se inmolo
en sus gestas gloriosas de
libertad. (Bis)

"Libertad" ", Libertad"
la fe con ardor grito
y en un once de Noviembre
Fue la heroica Cartagena
quien del yugo las cadenas
cual leona fiera destrozo. (Bis)

This hymn of a choir and a verse was composed by Daniel Lemaitre Tono, Cartagenero manrateful managerial and artistic trajectory. The music added it then the teacher Adolfo Mejia, one of the respected musicians in Colombia.

The letter remembers the fight of Cartagena of Indies to be liberated of the Spanish domain in the first decade of the 19th century. This hymn was made official for the city by the middle of the 20th century. This hymn was made official for the city by the middle of the XX century.


Cartagena Shield
In 1574 the King Felipe II of Spain granted to Cartagena of Indies (in view of the importance that had charged the city) a coat of arms with "two red and lifted lions that have a cross in the means, seized with the hands and as high as the lions, until up, in golden field, and above the cross, a crown among the heads of this lions, with their bell and foliages". This coat of arms could be used in all the official acts of the city.

Republican Shield

Cartagena Shield
Republican Shield
Approach to
the original

Cartagena Shield Recent
Republican Shield

Cartagena Shield Current
Republican Shield
This shield was the one that was adopted in 1812, when becoming Cartagena of Indies Sovereign and independent State of the Spanish Crown in 1811. It shows to a seated Indian under a palm that sustains a grenade in their right hand, of which feeds a bird. In the left hand has the piece of a broken chain whose another half is in the floor. To the bottom of the illustration the Hill of the Stern, one of the most representative symbols in the city is noticed. This native symbol represents the independence and the freedom reached by the city that was the first one in the Viceroyalty of the New Granada.

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cartagena apartments

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