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Dental Home Facilities Digital Imaging Our Pricing About Us Testimonials

Dental Specialists Pricing

Pricing at Dental Spa Dental Specialists is very affordable and we use only top quality materials and equipment. Our new clinic in Castillogrande is one of the finest in the country with state of the art technology.


  • Exam and Evaluation: Free
  • Periapical X-rays: $10
  • Digital Panoramic x-ray: $20
  • Regular Cleaning: $20
  • Cleaning & Whitening: $150 per session
  • White Composite Fillings: $70-150
  • Amalgam removal: $0

Root Canal Therapy

  • 1-2 conduits: $235
  • 3+ conduits: $285
  • Cast Post in Addition to Crown: $300
  • Pre-fabricated Post: $300

PFM Porcelain Crowns:

  • Standard Finish: $470
  • Porcelain Margin: $560
  • All porcelain E.Max Crowns: $600
  • E.Max Veneers: $600
  • Zirconium Ceramic Crowns: $650
  • Crown Lengthening: $180
  • Perio-Maintenance Cleaning: $100
  • Perio-Scaling & Root Planing/Quad: $120
  • Regular Extraction: $90
  • Surgical Extraction: $180

Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

  • Erupted: $100
  • Semi-Impacted: $150
  • Full Bony Impacted: $180


  • Immediate Acrylic Full or Partial: $285
  • Temporary Flipper: $85
  • Metal Frame Partial: $435
  • Flexible Partial: $435
  • High Quality Full Denture/Arch: $495
  • Premium Denture, porcelain teeth: $65
  • Dental Implant Placement: $1,470
  • Abutment for Implants for crowns: $415
  • Connectors for Implants to Dentures: call for details


  • Individual Bone Grafts: $350 - 470
  • Sinus Lift per Quadrant: $1,000

cartagena apartments

cartagena apartments

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Hotel Caribe
Hotel Caribe

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Piccolo Pizzas

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